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The Riverside Cafe
Tuktuks and PediCabs waiting by the river
Motos leaving the Boat
Our Tuktuk boards the ferry
On the Mekong
Ice Boat
The dock at Silk Island
Tuktuk view
Inside a Khmer house
Chickens in the yard
Khmer houses on Silk Island
Khmer boy on a bike
Silk Weaver
Silk Weavers
Two Khmer boys
Two boats at the dock
Back onto the ferry
Island Restaurant Cabanas
Island Restaurant on Stilts
Island Restaurant: my hammock
The Royal Palace's Main Pagoda
A grand hall at the Royal Palace
Gift of Napolean
A mural depicting the Ramayana
In the courtyard of the Silver Pagoda
Further action from the Ramayana
The Silver Pagoda
Musicians playing near the Silver Pagoda
The National Museum
Two symbols of Khmer history
Kids swimming near Tonle Bati
The Family
Begging women at Tonle Bati Temple
Nicolas and Linda show devotion in the temple
Courtyard of the Tonle Bati Temple
Khmer girl at the Tonle Bati temple
Statue of Buddha at Tonle Bati
Two Khmer girls
Our Picnic hut on Tonle Bati
Boys swimming in Tonle Bati
Picnic lunch on Tonle Bati
Huts on Tonle Bati
Falci makes friends
Pig-tailed Macaque
Falci meets the Gibbons
The Gibbon watches Falci
Wild Aid Monkeys
River otters eating dinner